Sunday, August 30, 2020

More CT Work

 FB Timeline made for

All Dolled Up kit "Alice's Trip" & Michelle's Myths tubes 

"Classic Costume" by ©Ismael Rac

Both can be found at ALL DOLLED UP STORE

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Oldies but Goodies




Hi, I'm Donna and I love showing my psp tagging work off to my friends...

I am Married (20 yrs), have 4 Sons, 2 Grandsons and live in the Suburbs of Chicago.

I've been tagging since 2002

am an admin at Escape from Reality PSP Forum board, and a member at 3 other boards.

My Favorite Hang-Outs, and The Places I love creating at the most 
are the following:

All My "Tagging Creations" can be found on this blog, just check the tabs above to get to the sections you'd like to see. 

Follow Me On Facebook: HERE

My TOU: 

             Any FTU Items that are shared on my blog or forum                                   board MUST be linked to my page                  

 (you May NOT Direct Download from your site.) 

My tags may NOT be altered in any way.

You May NOT claim my tags as your own.

NOTE: Newer tags (2018 and current)
may become "Available for Request" 
in the future....

As you can see, I have my blog 

"Under Construction"

I hope you'll bare with me

as I get this together...

Wanted to share a few with all of you,
so you have an idea of what I do.

I will be adding some FTU items
in later posts, like:

Cluster Frames
Snag Tags 
Tags For Request 

I'm Just moving here from WordPress, so please be patient with 
me, the page set ups are different & I have to get used to things! LOL

Older Tags:
These tags are made by
Donna aka D_SiggiePiggy

2016 - 2018 Tags
by Donna